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Shell Marine Products supplies more than 15,000 vessels with a comprehensive marine lubricants portfolio, which includes high-performance diesel-engine cylinder oils, trunk-piston engine oils, environmentally sensitive lubricants and specialist greases. We also provide a range of technical services and lubrication advice to support our customers achieve maximum value from using our lubricants products. With a global supply chain of more than 30 lubricant blending plants and a network of 500 ports, Shell Marine products can be relied on to provide security of supply where and when is needed.

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Shell Strombus is speciafically designed to be compatible with diesel engine oils used for stern tube lubrication.

Shell Strombus MP

Designed specifically for oil-filled stern tubes, particularly in the event of leakage. It is mainly used for the lubrication of stern tube bearingsand protection of tail shafts in systems incorporating lip seal stern tube glands, but also some face seals.

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